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Grupo HEINEKEN apoia o consumo consciente. 

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Our star in every Brazilian heart and on every Brazilian glass

This is our dream and what guides our way of doing business in Brazil. To reach each heart, we strive to go beyond brand presence in consumption moments. Our aim is to build relationships of respect and trust with everyone who interacts with the HEINEKEN Group every day: Our team, our partners and customers, and society as a whole.


Brew the joy of true togetherness to inspire a better world.

Our Dream

Our star in every Brazilian heart and on every Brazilian glass.


Passion for consumers and customers, Courage to dream and pioneer, Care for people and the planet, and Enjoyment of life.


HEINEKEN Group’s sustainability journey is marked by strategies that guide us with goals, positioning, and initiatives in the environmental, social, and responsibility spheres.

Performance in the environmental sphere

We endeavor to tackle climate change, to drive the circular economy, and to protect water resources, and we invest in renewable energy projects, recycling, and in solutions for water stress areas.

Attention to social issues

We know that having a safe work environment and a diverse team makes us as strong and unique as our brands. And that, because of this, we are able to make a difference in the communities where we operate.

Exercising out responsibility

The responsibility pillar of our strategy emphasizes moderation and responsible
consumption. We want to spread positive attitudes to promote a balanced lifestyle and combat excessive alcohol consumption.

Linking our brands to our causes is one way to connect our sustainability strategy with consumers.
The first institute of the HEINEKEN Group in the world has as its proposal to promote the transformation of society.
The HNK Volunteerism Program is a tool for personal and professional development, as well as for transforming and generating value for communities.
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